And the winner is… 2oz bourbon, 1.5oz Cynar, 2ds Angostura, garnish with a lemon twist. Serve on ice, or not; it’s your cocktail.

Buffalo Trace has a nice grassy component that suits the herbal Cynar. I was shooting for a summery cocktail and I’d stay away from anything with a spicier rye base, but you might also have good results with a sweeter bourbon. Whatever you do, don’t skip the lemon!

I got this mug at the tiki bar last night, it’s an octopus humping a barrel of rum on a pile of skulls. It’s awesome and I’m drinking coffee from it right now.

Friday morning meeting shenanigans: I wasn’t paying attention and my coworkers defaced me

Vacation report: awesome

PS I got a mani/pedi because I had a week’s worth of bike grease and road grit in there. My manicurist told me about the time in 9th grade when she pushed Paul Finch in shop class and he cut his finger off in the table saw and Brian Carr picked up the finger and shouted LET’S GO! and they went to the hospital to have it reattached.

Did not get a bike tour selfie on the last day of my trip because I was busy replacing this broken seatpost bolt in Little Fucking Nowhere, OR.

Bike tour I don’t know where I am but there’s a lighthouse and some sea lions selfie

Bike tour 36 miles in the rain selfie

Bike tour bathroom selfie

Packing for next week’s bike tour

  • Sherlock Holmes: The grease marks on his pant leg match the radius of a 48-tooth chainring, just like the one on the fixie used to KILL THE VICAR
  • Watson: Elementary bro